AS-TECH Street Lighting

AS-TECH Street Lighting is a module in our AS-TECH Web Office (AWO) suite. It registers and manages all public lighting elements in the common database, so all services and departments can refer to the same information.

AS-TECH Street Lighting

  • Management of multiple communities
  • Description of the different elements (brand, model, date of installation...) with ability to customize fields
  • Multiple tree (community, area, road, house, light points, ..)
  • Visualization of the grid
  • Graphical representation of a network
  • Ability to select objects from the graphical interface to generate work orders
  • Automatic import of data from Excel file

AS-TECH Street Lighting is integrated into mutliple AWO modules:

  • Intervention request through AS-TECH Services
  • Organize services by grouping items: type of fixture, area, end of life date, grid
  • Organize campaigns of preventive maintenance and normal repairs, and estimate the supplies needed
  • Integration of stock management (lanterns, brackets, lamps) from work orders
  • Generate the movement of stock and automatically update the quantities
  • Monitoring of compliance of fixtures
  • Attach photos and documents associated with the objects
  • Consolidate all of the costs

Main benefits

  • A complete range for the management of street lighting integrated in AS-TECH Web Office
  • Share technical data with other user services