AS-TECH Web Office manages the whole “Asset and Services information Chain”

AS-TECH Web Office organises itself around a central repository of all your assets. You collegues can find the right asset based on description or other identifiers.

This creates a database with which managers and administrators get a complete overview of all assets. This forms the basis where the different units (purchasing, services, maintenance) and departments (real estate, infrastrucuture, green space, etc) all access to « their » assets. Contracts, inventory, barcodes : everybody can consult the information they need!

The portal enhances collaboration between colleagues, even with the ones working for suppliers. Tasks are assigned, information flows freely, and managers can check progress.

AS-TECH Symphonie groups all modules that are linked with mobility. Using AS-TECH Symphonie you will always have access to all relevant information. Using a PC, or even in the field using a tablet or smartphone.

The different modules can be implemented separately, completely depedant on the client's need.

All modules are extensively configurable. This allows all users to have their own interface, which is optimized for use on their daily tasks.

Our solutions are based on years of knowledge and experience. Not only our's but also our customer's ! Our solutions create a real « asset information chain ». Our tools and knowledge make that we can really help our customers to make the most of their assets.

AS-TECH Web Office is a multipurpose, collaborative asset management system
  • A single repository registers all your assets and can be shared by many
  • Specific roles have specific access which allow specific functions
  • A precise overview of your assets and
  • Improves asset productivity
  • Limits maintenance -, business -, legal risk