Because even at a distance you have to be close to your team, we have created NOMADE

NOMADE completes our asset management and technical services softwares by allowing a multitude of remote operations to be carried out with or without a network!

Nomade Product line

Confidentiality rules

The "Nomade" mobile range is developed for the iOS (iPhone / iPod / iPad) and Android operating systems. More specifically, it allows you to geolocate your interventions and your meters from a smartphone.

Permissions requested by applications

Camera usage : We use the camera to read barcodes or take pictures. The bar code makes it possible to identify an asset. The photos are associated with the interventions in order to illustrate a request and/or a job.

Gelocalisation data usage : Your approximate (network) or precise (GPS and network) position is used to geolocate property located near your position.