PPE / Clothing

Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to “any device or appliance designed to be worn or held by an individual for protection against one or more health and safety hazards”.

AS-TECH PPE / Clothing supports the everyday management of your personal protective equipment. In particular, it can be used to:

  • Complete a data form for each item of equipment with expiry dates, inspection cycles and related documents or instructions.
  • Assign PPE or clothing to beneficiaries
  • Make a digital catalogue available to recipients in order to complete allocation requests or correspondence online
  • Perform periodical inspections on a smartphone or tablet
  • Monitor stocks and supplies
  • Create kits combining several PPE items
  • Manage expiry dates of PPE items or some of their components
  • Alert assignees for renewal of their equipment
  • Administer changes in regulation
  • Help ensure adherence and compliance with PPE regulations.
  • A number of dashboards accompany these different solutions and keep managers informed of the status of their PPE fleet.