Technical SERVICES

Our technical services management software, deployed by over 500 authorities of all sizes, enables exhaustive listing of your property and monitoring of the various events arising in relation to them.

Software dedicated to the needs of technical services

This modular solution covers all needs encountered by technical services in their everyday management: handling requests, managing interventions, purchases, holidays and events. Its cross-functional design is equally adaptable to building services, green areas or roads. And with multi-authority capability, it can take account of separate groups within organisations.

Mobility at the heart of technical services

As a pioneer in the development of mobile applications, we have always placed mobility at the heart of technical services operation. The widespread adoption of smartphones has borne out our strategy. From the caller reporting an incident, to the agent intervening and recording operations, or the stock manager scanning outgoing items, the use of the smartphone is now ubiquitous.

This enables instant data transfer, leading to more agile organisations and higher satisfaction.

Since 1988, we have placed all our expertise at your disposal in order to make life simpler.