AS-TECH Solutions offers numerous services to best accompany the introduction of its software in public institutions and private companies.

The audit, which provides the necessary expertise for the smooth running of the application project in the structure as well as the action plan. The project management, which facilitates the steering of the project by a competent AS-TECH expert.

We also offer consultation days that make it possible to pass on tips and tricks about the system to the referees of the technical departments in order to configure and adapt the software to the organizational expectations of the institutions. These consulting days can also be accompanied by the preparation of a report to record the different competences in writing.

In addition, we accompany our customers with training. We use participative methods that facilitate the acquisition of the software. The transition to independence is achieved by carrying out summary practical work on one's own under the guidance of the AS-TECH trainer.

In addition, AS-TECH Solutions is approved as a training centre.

All these services can also be accompanied by steering committees (CODIR), management committees (COPIL) and monitoring committees (COSUIV); these ensure that the applications function smoothly step by step.

We can also provide start-up support for projects to guide our clients through the process of putting the projects into production. We are also able to provide customized support by setting up PoCs (Proof of Concept), but also mockups and several other services. Every year we also offer our customers the opportunity to participate in our user meetings. These meetings provide the opportunity to participate in workshops, discover new software features, educate themselves and make suggestions for future developments. They are also a great opportunity for dialogue and interaction about the experiences, methods and organizations of the hundreds of clients who attend each year.

All our projects come with a maintenance contract that includes the following:

Methodology of the training sessions

The training sessions consist of a maximum of 8 trainees. 70% of the training time is dedicated to participatory methods that facilitate the appropriation of the software. The remaining 30% of the training time is devoted to the challenges and context of the project.

The methods used are as follows:

  • Lecture and demonstration to introduce the topics covered, the challenges faced by the client and the solutions to them
  • Sharing to raise awareness of the learning objective
  • Accompaniment in implementation through guided practical work, depending on the individual's work assignments
  • Transition to autonomy is achieved through independent completion of summary practical work under the guidance of the trainer

Procedure of the cooperation

The assigned AS-Tech consultant will contact the customer within a maximum of one month after receipt of the order.

Classification and assessment of needs

Course participants are assessed throughout the training on our software packages. This assessment starts with a questionnaire on knowledge, context, etc. to capture the expectations, level and objectives of the course participants. In addition, they are assessed during the course using practical cases. This ensures that the course participants understand and internalize the content taught.

Accessibility for persons with disabilities

Our courses are accessible to all people with disabilities, with the exception of people with severe visual impairment.

All our projects come with a maintenance contract that includes the following:

  • Corrective maintenance with a dedicated and qualified support team
  • Evolutive and adaptive maintenance with 4 upgrades per year
  • Unlimited access to our customer area, our user manuals and AS-TECH technical support
  • A TeamViewer remote maintenance service

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