OPUS Pilot

AS-TECH Pilot is an analysis and decision support tool. It allows access to all data from all other modules in the AS-TECH WEB Office suite and creates several statistical overviews and reports, which in their own right can be accessed through AS-TECH Portal.

AS-TECH Pilot crunches all information available into simple reports. You need to have information at your fingertip, without having to wade through tons of information or even without having to study the complete environment and information structure.

AS-TECH Pilot is used to

• Create custom and easy to use reports
• Display all data and extract the exact information to create the reports that meet your needs
• Create reports in the form of tables or different 3D graphics
• Add calculated expressions, conditions, filters and the sorting of choice
• Optimize the export of data to other applications
• Make reports available through the web

Main features:
• Intuitive selection of all existing fields in database (based on user permissions)
• Take into account any user-defined custom fields
• Calculations and other operations using fields
• Filtering, sorting and grouping of data
• Configuring properties of the report
• Customization of the heading of fields for presentation purposes
• Elaborate layout creation: adding colors, frames and images
• Export to. XLS, ASCII. MDB, HTML, XML...