OPUS Energy

The controlling of energy and water consumption of energy have become extremely important in today’s context. In order to act, one must have overview. AS-TECH Energy registers consumption of fuel and electricity, which help trace use and loss so situations can be optimized to create a sustainable environment.

AS-Tech Energy is a vital addition to create sustainable development.

Functionality includes
• Definition of all measuring points
• Filing of data on each of the measuring points
• Monitoring of the supply contracts which helps verification and optimization in conjunction with the site’s needs
• Using “degree day” calculations to assess the influence of annual climatic influences on energy consumption
• Analysis of the evolution of consumption and cost
• Detection of instances of abnormal and exceeded billing
• Filing of energy and water consumption,
• Comparison equipment performance
• Creation of detailed energy use and/or generation overviews, periodic analysis, statistics, etc.
• Energy Performance Certificate diagnosis (EPC)
• Follow the optimization process by measuring and tracking

• Reduction of the manual input using automatic recovery of data that exists in electronic form. These can include invoices, weather information and more.