OPUS Services

A collaborative web portal for managing requests and publishing information

Opus Services is a web portal for creating requests for intervention, supplies or reservations (vehicle, room, equipment...). It can also help disseminate information, dashboards or online indicators (budget, plans...). Communication with the team becomes easier and more efficient. Opus Services optimize the traceability of services delivered and facilitate production: action planning, restocking proposals, reservation of resources, etc. Requestors, from their end, can track the status of their queries in real time. A fully configurable approval workflow allows internal validation of the different steps of a request.

Portal for requests for interventions

Its function is to help report any malfunction, failure, degradation. If offers online traceability of a request and offers a chat function to support this.

Portal for requests for supplies

Access to online catalogues in connection with the requestor's profile and the type of product sought, shopping cart function with photo of the article in particular and the amount to be ordered.

Vehicle Pool Portal

Quick overview function, available pool vehicles and rapid reservations. Built-in carpool function.

Room Reservation Portal

Make a reservation for a space with a simple click.

Equipment loan Portal

To reserve equipment (barriers, furniture, video projectors, tools...) when organizing a meeting or a demo. The portal Indicates availability for the desired period, selection of items and quantities through use of a shopping cart.