OPUS Reservations

AS-TECH Reservation contains the functionality to manage and monitor loans and reservations. Specific needs were added to enable events like feasts, ceremonies or other logistical and general events.

AS-TECH Reservation supervises

• All types of reservations: material, equipment, vehicles...
• Maintain a schedule of bookings and reservations available at all times
• Manage availability of assets
• Control and track assignments
• Identify and account for all the costs associated with reservations
• Put in place analytical accounting to provide a complete and accurate overview of activities

Main functions:
• Registration of requests for reservations of rooms, equipment, vehicle and other types of assets
• Create a booking and reservations planning
• Display availability display of assets
• Treatment and history of refusals
• Transmission of requests to the services in question
• Maintain reservations records
• Status of any reservation request: pending, planned, current, done
• Registration of returns with possibility to handle variances/projections
• Possibility to enter services to bookings (installation of extra equipment, modifications to equipment, handling) and the parts used
• Accumulation of the various costs associated with reservations (accidents, loss, depreciation, theft)
• Billing of reservations
• Budget monitoring
• Calculation of expenses for an event
• Multiple and various statistics on reservations: by service, material, type of reservations, cost and more

Additional uses
• Issue of keys by automated terminals
• Possible connection to AS-Tech Portal forms (usable through the web)