OPUS Furniture

AS-TECH furniture covers inventory and monitoring of movable property, office, phone, computer or other.

AS-Tech Furniture offers the monitoring of movable property, Office equipment, telephone, computer and other inventory.

This module manages the full cycle of a movable assets since their acquisition. It covers receipt, use and administrative exit. Integrated with our module AS-Tech Mobile, it allows the identification by barcode label and inventories on site to update listings.

Main features:

• Description of the movable property and their technical characteristics
• Management by unit or lot
• Management of different types of asset and creation of depreciation tables
• Physical location, tracking of use (place, sort of service, user)
• Possibility of changing use by lot (move...)
• Archiving of movements
• Integration of any additional costs and/or services
• Assists in conducting inventory checks (for ex. using bar codes)
• Easy to import/export data
• Assists in the decision making renewal/repair (general state of the asset)
• Alerts at events

Labelling and barcode equipment
• Creation of barcode labels with auto-increment function
• Unique identification
• Printing different types of labels according to requirement
• Integration with portable devices to register, identify and assign assets

Automated management of differences
AS-Tech Furniture can automatically match the theoretical/actual comparison of inventoried assets and creates reports of the difference. Afterwards automated actions can suggest how to handle: transfer of use/location, general state, damaged, etc.)

Reconsolidation with the real estate to enable the following of all physical inventory within the unit.