An environment which creates overview of your rental or hiring activities. Register contracts, and all associated documents. Keeping track of dates and other engagements, the what, the how, the when, is a crucial management issue. Any follow-up requires documents of various natures, which can all be registered and reproduced by AS-Tech Rental.

Designed to meet the requirements of contracting process, contractual obligations and revenue billing, AS-TECH Rental covers:

• Inventory of the properties
• Listing of the available assets
• Management of leases: owner (receipts) / tenant (payments).
• The contractual environment: characteristics, conditions of revision (for ex. based on index), renewal, termination, any guarantees
• Tracking of events of/in the contract (litigation, claims, maintenance, declaration of the state of repair).
• Tracking of rents, payments, charges, fees
• Annual adjustment of charges
• Management, production and tracking of contracts and letters (expiry notice, revision letters, etc.).
• Tracking of expenses connected to the asset
• Creation of receipts, individually, or per batch
• Configurable alerts to signal due dates and more

• Optimizing the management of real estate (tracking acquisition, sale, insurance, contracts, management of the keys, etc)
• Keeping all information available in a single place: contracts, tenant information, regulations
• Easy to use, reliable, secure, and optimized invoicing of rent, charges and any duties
• Create a complete operational environment to steer real estate assets

Optional (currently France only)
• Preparation of data needed for tax declarations
• Interfaces to tax authority