OPUS Stock Management

AS-Tech Stock Management assists in the cycle of stock/use/order. It tracks what is in stock, it registers what is used where and by whom, issues orders when stock is running low, offers comparison of orders against dispatch advise and invoice, and reconsolidates budgets.

Designed for stock managers and purchase professionals, AS-Tech Stock Management provides complete management of what is in store:

Optimized article management
• Multi-store and multi-depots management (even transfer between the several stores/depots)
• An article catalogue accessible by all stakeholders
• Classification of articles and services
• Multi-reference article management (internal/manufacturer/supplier)
• Management of articles based on lot: identification of serial numbers and “best before” dates (optional)
• Management of parts per kit
• Clothing management and granting to staff (optional)
• Barcode printing
• Creation of purchase orders, tracking of orders, critical threshold alerts, etc.
• Budget allocations and service grants
• Document management of all relevant information

Management of procurement and supply
• Cycle of procurement and all controls associated
• Alerts when parts need to be replenished or purchase requests need to be issued
• Treatment of quotes
• Management of articles and services ordered (possible integration with financial management tool)
• Batch Purchase
• Stock entries, backorders and “return to supplier”
• Confirmation of articles/services delivered (with validation of invoices)
• Provider catalogs (import of the prices)

Optimization of logistics unit
• Management of the physical locations of articles (possibility of multi-location)
• Definition of critical thresholds and replenishment for items in store
• Analysis of turnover per item or family of items
• Low turnover indicators
• Processing of barcodes when taking from stock (optional)
• Treatment of discounts
• Handling of returns (for ex. clothing)
• Processing of the loan of equipment (optional)
• Traceability of protective clothing/equipment (optional)
• Management of rotating inventory, the programming of such, traceability by barcode
• Tracking of the use and users of services
• Stock balance

To aid the decision making process and for BI reasons:
• Export of data in CSV format
• Ready to use objects to monitor procurement; logistics and stores; output and use
• Built-in Query Builder and BO XI extensions (optional)