OPUS Asset

AS-TECH Asset creates a repository with asset information. The innovative structure of our software displays different viewpoints. Assets can be tracked, traced and managed, while management gains insight in budget, and legal and technical aspects.

AS-Tech Asset manages all assets:

• A single repository which can be shared by all the services
• Accurate tracking of the status of the assets
• Monitor regulatory guidelines as well as manage concerning documentation
• Implement programs to prevent damage and/or loss of operational availability
• Improve performance of the assets
• Provide managers, decision-makers with dashboards for easy access to many variables

Main features of AS-TECH Asset:
• A structured tree to and of the assets with an unlimited number of levels
• Multi-entity management allowing allocation of assets by site and management service
• A modeler screen to generate screens for all types of assets: real estate, equipment, vehicles, highways and urban road works, green spaces, sports equipment, furniture, machinery, technical equipment, third party sites, telephony, computer and all the screens which we haven’t even thought about
• A follow-up and the distribution of assignments including occupation of premises and the management of the zones of occupation
• Administrative management of all Assets
• The calculation of surface with a consolidation at each level of the tree
• An integrated document management with classification and thematic research
• Tracking of the Asset status: reformed, destroyed, sold
• Management of contracts with alerts in case of events
• A bill of health on all elements with automatic updating of statuses based on aging or wear indicators.
• The management of compliance with the regulations in order to ensure that safety rules (for ex. for buildings with a public function), construction regulations, check-up visits and hygiene standards are met
• Automatic and programmable alerts on visits and inspections
• History and follow-up of actions and events that occurred on a specific asset (date of putting in use, change in commission, modifications and/or reparations)
• Assist in making management decisions in financial terms (control of expenditure, investments), optimization of use and assignments, General state of assets so decisions can be made on renewal, security and more aspects.

Multi-year planning

AS-Tech Asset provides Asset managers the tools to simulate and evaluate the necessary financial resources for the renovation of -, replacement of -, or even the decision to buy new equipment. A forecast is obtained by analyzing surveys on the health status of the main components of building, renovation cycles and the estimation of associated costs. It provides multi-year scenarios to create budgetary vision for the medium and long term future. Alerts when deviated from planning.

Preventive maintenance
This module tracks the behavior of equipment in time and develops an active approach to preventive maintenance. Based on indicators of wear and tear, the Software provides a maintenance program with tasks and including any necessary parts. This allows planning ahead and optimizing maintenance expenses while further limiting operational failures and down-time.

Other options include interfaces to GIS solutions and maps.