Nomade interventions

Manage all your interventions from your smartphone

Use your Smartphone for field interventions. Thanks to an integrated cartographic geolocation, mobile teams can do Interventions while they go: view newly assigned requests, to generate new requests for interventions or update existing ones, to capture time spent and to record all other useful information.

Easy access to Information

Find all details of the intervention on your mobile including the requestor, the details, reason, place and the work to be done. Locate other requests in the vicinity on a map.

Simplified entering of information

Type or dictate your intervention report, note the time spent and possibly add photos that clarify the situation.

Disconnected Mode

The use of an onboard database ensures the smooth operation of mobile interventions even when network coverage is virtually non-existent. At any time, data can be accessed and entered in disconnected mode. When the connection is restored information is synchronized.

Extended Availability

Works on both IOS (IPhone) and Android. Nomad Interventions is downloadable on the App Store and Google Play. These platforms are used for initial download and update management.