CMMS for Collectivities: Features & Benefits

Communication problems, poor management or malfunctioning units? The necessities of maintenance are different for each type of unit. There are now very practical computerized maintenance management functions such as CMMS.

It is a solution that improves maintenance management, performance and therefore productivity. It is particularly appreciated by local authorities, but also by housing companies. To better understand what CMMS is and how it can help you in your daily tasks as a local authority manager, here are some explanations from AS-TECH Solutions.

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The CMMS (Computer Aided Maintenance Management) is a computerized facility management system for managing the various maintenance and servicing activities. It has been developed to facilitate the daily routine of maintenance teams and is especially designed for public facilities, the service sector and industry. This tool supports the different departments in their daily tasks, while complying with new technologies and regulations in force.

Whether it's inventory management or tracking expenses, this CMMS software allows you to record all your tasks in a single software. If you work for a public organization, a housing association or a social housing society, the CMMS solution allows you to focus on your core business while saving valuable time.

The CMMS solution is an essential tool for managing the overall property of a municipality or institution, but can do even more

The CMMS is an indispensable tool, regardless of the area of activity of the local authority concerned.

An indispensable tool in asset management

The CMMS is a great asset for the real estate sector. Asset management, which involves both land and buildings, benefits from several of its innovations. The tool provides dashboards for actions to be taken and allows uploading photos of current conditions, which are useful at the time of strategic decisions.

Among other things, it facilitates the decisions of the building owner by helping him to evaluate investments. In this sense, more and more housing associations are turning to this type of solution to make life easier for the officials responsible for managing the property portfolio of the authority concerned. Of course, to take advantage of the CMMS in this field, one must have prior knowledge of the real estate portfolio.

A practical solution for many other areas

The CMMS is now an essential tool for very different sectors, such as the medical environment, industry and IT.

It is particularly used in managing the maintenance of healthcare facilities and laboratories. This includes not only the entities that manufacture medical devices, but also clinics and hospitals. According to EU directives, medical devices must be controlled, qualified and quantified. With the help of CMMS, all companies can comply with this standard and generate better performance. To ensure good patient care, high quality medical devices and a responsible organization are also needed. With the help of CMMS, biomedical service providers can analyze, interpret and improve their results, also in terms of quality assurance.

Looking at the industry, it is striking that CMMS has never been more indispensable. Whether in terms of organization, productivity or competitiveness, our solution significantly improves the performance of companies. The first challenge for all companies is to maintain their performance, which is not possible without smart material management. So, this means anticipating machine troubleshooting as well as increasing employee safety during working hours. The CMMS solution meets all these requirements. It not only enables the correction of existing malfunctions, but also the planning of maintenance activities to avoid possible breakdowns. In practice, the tool makes it possible to track the state of the machines in real time, thanks to the proliferation of its functions such as machine learning.

Finally, CMMS is also found in the IT sector. Given the constant need for competitiveness and the requirements for quality of service, it remains the ideal solution for IT professionals. With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning, business intelligence consultants and machine learning engineers have emerged. CMMS software allows these professionals to centralize their data in a single database for the benefit of all industry stakeholders.

Functions of a CMMS

The functionalities of a CMMS solution are as numerous as the benefits of the tool, which justifies their adoption by many local authorities.

Managing communication between the local authority and its partners

The CMMS promotes smooth communication between the actors (both internal and external) of each entity (public administration, local authorities, companies...). With its communication software, your reliable and up-to-date information circulates in a timely manner. These connectivity tools (web services, APIs) then enable it to generate systematic communication.

Rational management of equipment

The CMMS enables municipalities and companies to manage their equipment more efficiently. It offers them numerous possibilities:

  • Inventory,
  • Categorization of equipment according to a freely chosen nomenclature,
  • Tree structure.

This intelligent tool also ensures municipalities perfect documentation of their equipment, including purchase dates and previous interventions.

Intervention management

The management of interventions (preventive and curative) is one of the fundamental innovations of CMMS. The solution enables companies to analyze not only their maintenance costs, but also, and above all, the frequency of malfunctions and interventions. It thus saves them from unpleasant surprises.


To improve their performance, the CMMS offers municipalities and companies two types of planning. The first, called visual planning, relates to the organisation of operations. The second is workload planning. It allows companies to anticipate absences and overloads in order to optimally allocate staff in terms of time. In practice, these two planning modalities improve the coordination of maintenance services.

Resource management

Managing resources is always a success when supported by CMMS. Staff census, training, authorisations are all components that you can easily view using the tool.

Mobile application

One of the innovations that CMMS brings is the multifunctional mobile application it offers to municipalities and businesses. With this CMMS software, your technicians can access maintenance data from their work locations within your housing stock, with or without an internet connection. Finally, with simplified recording on mobile data carriers, full monitoring of maintenance can be ensured.

Management of spare parts inventories

Spare parts are also an essential part of maintenance. Therefore, their stocks must be managed and stored without any confusion. The CMMS plays a major role in this. On the one hand, it manages suppliers and analyses consumption to guide future purchases. On the other hand, it compares the purchasing conditions for these parts to generate savings.