OPUS Services

AS-Tech Service manages the full cycle of intervention, from the registration of demands to its successful completion. It offers definition of requirements, planning, tracability of tasks and financial analysis.

The main features
  • Treatment of requests for maintenance and reparation services (work orders)
  • Work order management and planning
  • Definition of tasks and parts of repetitive services/work orders
  • Classification and grouping of demands in order to coordinate interventions
  • Follow-up of the work subcontracted to external companies (service orders)
  • Editing and tracking of work destined to external service providers
  • Management of multi assignment for work requiring combined efforts of in- and external resources
  • Integrated messaging to inform or alert parties involved
  • Management of investment projects
  • Real-time consolidation allowing effective monitoring and comparing with the forecast  (supplies, labor and other costs)
  • Planning of workload per resource, workshop, internal business units or external companies
  • Automatic taking into account holidays and other absences
  • The following of maintenance and safety checks and their intervals, to automatically schedule any interventions
  • Integration of equipment needed for interventions (vehicles, tools, etc.)
  • Realtime viewing of work progress (pending, planned, underway, completed...)
  • Interventions reports organized by level of management, business unit or external party, nature of the work (preventive, repairing, troubleshooting, vandalism, installation of new, etc.)
  • Graphic analysis of activities
  • Budgetary reconciliation
  • Multi-criteria statistics

Additional features
  • Deep integration with AS-TECH Asset
  • Use of portable devices, through AS-Tech Mobile, allowing mobile users to view and complete information on site.
  • AS-TECH Mobile can be used to identify the property, create and maintain inventory-lists, manage the maintenance services and even coordinate the work of the intervention teams.

  • Interfaces to financial management tools